Benefits of Soft Technical Skills

These are advanced technical skills that apply to nearly every job in every occupation in every industry and require instruction for understanding and application.

Apply to Nearly Every Career

  • Recession resistant skills set
  • Help you survive worker layoffs
  • Bot-proof your career
  • Career advancement
  • Credentials earned on your time schedule
  • Always available online, holidays too
  • Works on any digital device – smart phone, pad, tablet, laptop
  • Written, reviewed, and updated by content experts
  • First-person examples of how a Soft Technical Skills© is used
  • Evidence of your competence on the job
  • Use your credential throughout your career
  • Credentials are stackable with others
  • Affordable
  • Coached by a live, personal mentor throughout

You will be a day older tomorrow, but you can be a day older with a Soft Technical Skill. Begin now!

Apply to Nearly Every Career

Prior and Current Clients

Illinois Department of Transportation
Joliet Junior College
Kankakee Community College
Illinois State Board of Education
Parkland College
South Suburban College
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Western Illinois University