Soft Technical SkillĀ© Credentials

A Soft Technical Skill© is an advanced technical competency that applies to nearly every job in every career and in every industry. Examples range from Team Working to Confidentiality, from Critical Thinking to Ethics on the Job, from HazCom (Hazard Communication) to Non-Verbal Technical Communication.  Over forty years of research has revealed sixty (60) such Soft Technical Skills©. Each Skill requires instruction for understanding, application, and credentialing of mastery.

An advanced technical competency is the ability – knowledge, skill, habits, and positive attitude – to effectively and efficiently complete sophisticated job tasks using the most recent tools, materials, and techniques.

Soft Technical Skill© Credentials

To become eligible for credentialing, you must:

1.   Complete the module.

2.   Pass the eQuiz.

3.   Take the eSurvey.

4.   Have the recommendation of your mentor / instructor.  Your mentor / instructor will contact the Soft Technical Skills Institute (STSI) on your behalf.

5.   STSI will send a URL to your email address.

6.   You may then access the UR and take the Comprehensive Performance Examination.  This Examination consists for 40 test items plus a 41st item requesting demonstration / performance of the Soft Technical Skill© learned.  Plan to bring paper and pen/pencil with you.  You will be instructed to take the Examination within one week’s time.  You must complete the entire Examination at one sitting.  This typically takes about an hour.  You may NOT take the Examination over again.  If an exception is made, a different Examination will be provided.

7.   Upon completion, STSI will send you a report of number and percent of correct items.  STSI’s Board of Review will assess your response to the 41st item.  A passing score of 80% is required. 

8.   Pending satisfactory performance, the STSI will issue you a credential in the form of a digital badge which you may add to your occupational resume, job application, and/or performance review.