Know How: How to Learn on the Job

by Richard K. Hofstrand, PhD
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The purpose of this book is to develop occupational competence in learning job knowledge and skills from on-the-job experience.  The book describes the benefits of learning on the job, the five-step process for identifying and mastering skills, a two-cycle/six-step process for apprenticeship-type training, and numerous aids in remembering what was learned, such as Practice Tasks.  Includes a competency quiz.

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Pages : 103 pages, Glossary, Index.

Dimensions : 5½“ x 8½“ trade softback

ISBN : 0-9610892-5-3

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Know How: How to Learn on the Job

Hear from Past Learners

"When I first started my new job, I had to learn a lot fast. Knowing how to use job aids helped me to remember important things."

– Carol H.