GridWork: How to Organize Stuff on the Job

by Richard K. Hofstrand
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The purpose of this book is to help technicians learn how to organize stuff on the job in order to better accomplish job duties and tasks. This book explains why classification and organizational systems are an important occupational skill. It also, explains how to use over 30 different kinds of organizational systems. It features Occupational Profiles of how workers in various technical occupations use classification systems. Contains a competency quiz.

Product Details

Pages : 103 pages, Glossary, Index.

Dimensions : 5½“ x 8½“ trade softback

ISBN : 0-9610892-4-5

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number : 94-79719

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GridWork: How to Organize Stuff on the Job

Hear from Past Learners

"Knowing this really helped me when I had to set up a new parts desk where I work. Thanks!"

– Jeff P.